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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I was browsing through documents on sexuality and Quakerism, and I came across some really good stuff. I was at the Quaker Intergrating spirituality and Sexuality site and they have a listing of excerpts from YM's Faith and Practices on sexuality. I got this from the Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association Faith and Practice (1990):

"Recognizing the power of sexual feelings, we as Friends seek to know ourselves and to express our own sexuality in loving ways, calling and answering to that of God in others. We recognize that responsible sexuality varies, and we hold that that which is of God is not to be condemned by the children of God. Accordingly, Friends seek to deal with sexuality as an expression of the love of God within human kind. We refrain from offering judgment upon any given manifestation of sexuality unless it is harmful in its personal or societal results."

How refreshing. This doesn't help much with creating a personal ethic on sexuality, but I think its pretty great for a corporate statement.

New York Yearly Meeting's Faith and Practice does not touch on sexuality. It seems sometimes they the issue of sexuality is so contencious in the Religious Society of Friends that we don't even want to consider it. I think that is a grave mistake, religion is tradtionally where we look to help us form our ethics, and what does it say about us that we have nothing that we agree on?

In every one of the statements from Faith and Practice (whether they be from the East coast, west coast or the middle of America) the Friends acknowledge that sexuality is important and must be considered along side spirituality. I found it predictable that this was pretty much the only thing that they all had in common. Personally, I found some of what our evangelical Friends (especially what they said on homosexuality) highly upsetting, and not at all in line with the Quaker testimonies.


Blogger Carmina said...

this is wonderful!
you know, I still have the little brochure, "A witness on Sexuality for Friends" that I picked up at the Atlanta Friends Meeting we went to that first sunday at YTI. I've been carrying it around with me in my purse for a couple weeks now, just looking at it occasionally for guidance, in light of what I went through with my parents. I love you, and I'm feeling a lot better today :-)

12:24 PM  
Blogger Kody Gabriel said...

I did some intense seeking around sexuality earlier this year, and a lot of what I looked at was the Faith and Practice of various YMs and the Quakers Integrating Spirituality and Sexuality website. I think there needs to be a lot more spiritual sharing about this in our community, so I'm carrying that concern and waiting for Spirit to help me know how to express it.

7:58 AM  

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