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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Take this heart and make it break." ~U2

Last night I was at a workshop called, "moving faith into action" (and I was, as usual, the only young person, and one of the only Quakers *sigh*). I have some thoughts that I collected from this, the first part of the workshop, (it is a six week long thing), but they are rather scattered and random, so I apologize.

Something that was emphasized again and again, is that God requires us to love everyone. Really. Think about this. It is so easy for us to love the people we are closest to, those people who we are in relationship with, those people in our community, but God asks more. He asks that we see that we are in relationship with everyone and that they are all part of our community. We can not possibly achieve this, but we are lovingly required by our faith to take baby-steps towards this. May God grant me strength.

One of our wonderful guest speakers said something else that struck me (well, lots of the things he said struck me, but I thought this was really cool). He said that the three main themes in the New Testament were:
1) Life is abundance of joy
2)we MUST practice good stewardship of ourselves and everyone else
3)(I think this one is the most important) we all live in covenant community with everyone
This reminds me of something that we discussed at the theology academy I attended, we phrased it as, "I am responsible for you. . .no matter who you are!"

Just a couple more random thoughts: When we are talking about poverty or social injustice, we should not try to make people guilty or make people uncomfortable, but instead we should try to make people ANGRY.

As Christians, we need to ask not what we can do about all of the many problems in our world, but instead we need to ask why our world is the way it is.


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